ATMOS Wall Mounted Unit

//ATMOS Wall Mounted Unit

ATMOS Wall Mounted Unit


ATMOS® from EnviroVent is a range of PIV units for the home, that brings fresh, filtered, clean air into your home.

After installing ATMOS®, within just 48 hours, you will start to notice the difference to your home.

The benefits of an ATMOS® Home Ventilation System:

Reduces or eliminates condensation & damp
Reduces pollutants and allergens
Eliminates mould
Stops streaming windows
Removes musty odours
Can help ease symptoms for asthma/ respiratory sufferers
Reduces dust mite population



The ATMOS® WALL Unit is an energy efficient condensation-control unit for flats and apartments.

It introduces fresh, filtered air throughout the living space to transform a stagnant and stale atmosphere into a fresh, healthy and condensation free environment.


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