Welcome to Aqua Stop Ltd.


Condensation and Mould affects most properties in Ireland. Whether you are building or improving your property, many people neglect the less obvious need for Ventilation and Humidity Control, which every property requires. Aqua Stop Limited is an Irish owned company, with a combined 80 years’ experience in the construction industry, which was established in response to this increasing problem of mould and dampness in properties.

The modern property has become increasingly energy conscious. In order to save energy, we have blocked chimneys, insulated, draught proofed, double glazed and progressively sealed our properties from an essential supply of air. If left untreated, excess moisture will cause damage to your property in the form of damp, mildew and mould growth. These conditions have also proven to be aggravate arthritis, bronchitis and asthma.

Benefits of Ventilation and Humidity Control

  • Draws in fresh, filtered, clean air from the outside giving the property a full air change every 4 hours
  • Gently ventilates the property from a central position
  • Air with High levels of Humidity (>60%) is treated
  • Significantly reduces/eliminates surface condensation, the main cause of mould growth
  • Creates a healthier living environment
  • Significantly reduces high humidity levels while also increasing room temperature by 3 to 6 degrees
  • Reduction in Heating Costs
  • Controls unpleasant odours

Aqua Stop are proud to be the sole distributors of the Liquid Rubber product range which deal with the common problem of leaking flat roofs, valleys, gutters and chimney stacks. The LRS product range also includes a range of products which provide the ultimate protection for porous surfaces ie stone, brick concrete etc.