Stone|Concrete|Brick Waterproofing

LRS unique range of high performance, rapid application, cold applied cleaning and protective surface liquids provide the ultimate protection for porous surfaces. Applied best by hand spray or roller, the RapidGuard range is simple and quick to apply whilst offering unrivalled protection. Ideal for both commercial and domestic environments and free from harmful substances.

Rapid Guard – Multi Surface Protector

Designed as a water repellant, RapidGuard penetrates deep into porous structures creating a high resistive protective barrier against water ingress and surface contaminants. By allowing the structure to breath RapidGuard outperforms most other traditional waterproof sealants by leaving the structure unharmed. RapidGuard is an invisible protection system which protects against environmental damage including moss, oils, frost, moisture, pollution and many more such as graffiti. A long term solution to maintaining and protecting porous surfaces, RapidGuard comes with a 15 year guarantee as standard.

Rapid Block  – Moisture Blocker and Damp Eliminator

RapidBlock has been designed to treat the causes of problematic damp structures by eliminating the moisture within them. Its unique hydrophilic formulation means it crystallizes upon contact with moisture blocking the water penetration perinatally. Ideal for retaining walls, basements and damp floors, RapidBlock is the essential treatment when looking for a permanent solution which will last a lifetime. Invisible application which once cured can be left exposed or coated by paint, render or plasterboard. RapidBlock is completely ecological and simple to apply.